Blogs are the abstract information of about anything which you want to know. May be it is an object, an animal, a place, a momentum, your future, any technology and many more. A Blogger is a person who finds out everything about a blog topic, filter it and present it in a very organized pattern. It looks beautiful and main thing is that it solves your problems. It takes too much time to make a blog because all the steps like collecting information, taking pictures, build a post, upload on web etc. It is a very fruitful experience to read a blog.
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Jervice is a portal where promoters upload their Jobs and Training Posts too. It is completly free and it is very useful for jobseekers. It is an open platform for job producers like Shop Owners, Companies, Institutes and many more. Companies and Institutes will also produce a Trainee post for their any requirement. There is a lots of forms are available on the Jervice where jobseekers and students also fill their requirements for jobs and trainings too. Jervice will send an appropriate match of their requests.
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Jervice publish Rent Services on the platform. Person who wants a room and shop on the rent then he/she will directly go to Jervice and search a space in their desired location of city. Many other services like Residential and Commercial Services, Hostel Service, PG Service, Library Service, Food and Tiffin Services, Water Service, Repairing Service, Wedding Service and many more are available on the Jervice Platform. Currently Jervice has listed with lots of enquiries of Jodhpur like Rooms on Rent, Shop on Rent, Godown on Rent, Office on Rent, Hostels, PG, Tiffin Services, Watch Repairing, AC Installations. Dance Masters and Choregraphers, Mehndi Artsits, Tatoo Artists, Flower Decorators, Event Managers, Wedding Planners etc are also available on the Jervice. We are growing continuously to upload more information of other cities too.
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